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Some sweet ‘n sour sentiments in sentences

Saturday, Jan 8th, 2011

Some write words, some write meanings.

Don’t read readings. Eat meanings.

(“I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it. It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour.”)

Much is said in the absence of words.

“I don’t know” is a more wise and knowing answer than most answers.

(It is an answer which carries its own proof.)

Eloquence can disguise a lie or half-truth.

(What good is it to gain your own soul when the whole world is lost?)

Place two meanings in one word rather than one meaning in two words.

Language is anyone’s tool.

(Use it too much and be thought a fool.)

Age is not always the harbinger of wisdom. My grandfather taught me that.

Youth is always the harbinger of folly. I am my greatest teacher.

If you want success do not try hard to avoid failure.

(For fear of failure is failure defined and success means leaving failure behind.)

Every good quality you find in a person can be found compounded in another.

Take what qualities you love in people and make them a part of you.

Some people wouldn’t recognize an olive branch if it hit em’ upside the head!

People who have never attempted to sing are the most particular about pitch.

People are difficult to read but books really speak to me.


Is there such a thing as a beautiful beggar?

I have fallen in love with the morning.

Sometimes, at night, I make toast and pour myself a glass of orange juice just to feel a little morning sensation.

Foolosophy is the art of dividing things: mind and body, soul and mind, only body, body and soul but no mind, only mind …

Foolosophers slice and dice reality.

(Because nothing is more divided than the mind of a foolosopher.)

Foolosophy is about finding new angles.

(Life is cyclic and circle-shaped.)

Time is a cheat. Hope is a liar.

(Though the need for both is dire.)

A man will believe he is beautiful no matter how ugly he is; a woman will believe she is ugly no matter how beautiful she is.

Five small spoonfuls of sugar is the same as one giant spoonful of sugar.

(Just who do you think you are fooling?)

Advice to fat men: find a woman with a strong imagination.

Advice to fat women: don’t be fat.

Poetry is beautiful. Prose is meaningful.

Good poetry is prosaic. Good prose is poetic.

(“Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”)

(Listen to the way your conscience speaks to you. It is the way you spoke when you were a child.)

Cling to your child.

(“For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven …”)

(And when the child departs, so does the conscience.)

A man once told me “rare is a brontosaurus on Broadway.” I admired that.

Moderation is the only idea which should be taken to an extreme.

It is easier to hate than love, that which is loved but cannot be had.

There is a modesty which aims to impress.

Grocery stores are lonely places.

Romantic infatuations are based on the idea that people are not interchangeable.

(Common wisdom can be defied because wisdom is not common. )

“From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

(And from the core of the heart, the hand writes.)

Your mind is always being watched.

(No cloth can cover the naked mind.)

Smiling is a good excuse not to frown.

(Can the sun shine while it still rains?)

Observe, filter out, take in, move on.

Impart yourself in someone or something.

Write yourself down, if you must.

(It may still be there after you die.)

One Response to “Some sweet ‘n sour sentiments in sentences”

  1. Tim Jones says:

    Chris, wow. My head is hurting from the thoughtful pondersings you have presented here. Some really compelling observations (and some funny ones too, I might add). You really pushed the envelope with this one, and that’s a compliment, in case that was not clear. Curious: did this post come easily or did you really have to work at it? Sort of stream of consciousness style, which is not nearly as easy to do as one might think. Well done, sir. Well done.

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