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Why you laugh at Downey’s line: “Never Go Full Retard”

Sunday, Jun 30th, 2013

Because even in depictions of our ugliest, we must dress up, embellish and put things into an ideal form, otherwise we simply wouldn’t digest it. It’s why the social outcasts in teen dramas, unlike their counterparts in reality, are actually far above average in terms of physical attractiveness and demeanor.

the perks of being a wallflower movie poster

Wallflower? Are you fucking kidding me? Try teen model who befriends another teen model and British starlet slash universal sex symbol. Fuck this movie.

No one is going to make a movie about actual unattractive people, because no one would want to watch it. Because no one is attracted to the unattractive. For the same reason, no one is going to make a movie depicting actual, full-on retards. No one would want to watch it.

Hence, you never go full retard.

The true losers will never have their stories told.

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