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Same drink, different glass, true story

Saturday, Jun 4th, 2011

A man sits down at a bar and orders a Grand Marnier. The bar tender pours him a glass.

The man takes a sip.

“This is not Grand Marnier,” says the man, slamming down the glass. “I ordered Grand Marnier.”

“But that is Grand Marnier,” says the bartender.

“No it most certainly is not,” says the man.

The bartender holds up the bottle of Grand Marnier.

“See?” says the bartender, pointing to the label on the bottle. “Grand Marnier.

“Look,” says the man. “I know what Grand Marnier tastes like. This is not Grand Marnier.”

The argument continues in the same fashion for several minutes.

“Fine!” the bartender says. Frustrated, he picks up the glass, walks into another room and transfers the contents of the old glass into a new glass. The bartender returns to the bar and places the glass in front of the man.

The man looks suspiciously at the glass. He inspects it in the light, sniffs it, twirls his finger in it, and, finally, takes a sip.

“Ah” he says, setting down the glass. “Now this is Grand Marnier!”

One Response to “Same drink, different glass, true story”

  1. Dave says:

    Sometimes soap residue from a glass that has not finished a proper wash cycle could and most likely will, upset the taste and smell of any beverage you put in it. Btw, I’m here because of my tiny peanut butter cups. :) Great stuff, really!

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