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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Re-produce the Clock Tower Scene from the famous Hill Valley Lightning storm of Nov. 12th 1955

Friday, Sep 9th, 2011

What you will need:


  1. When the mechanic at the box factory you work at asks you to “fork em’ up” to the external part of the high rise building to replace a lightbulb, promptly do so.
  2. When you have raised the mechanic up to the highest level, engage the emergency break and step out of the forklift. Make sure that the emergency break is secure and that the forklift is not in gear. If you forget this step, your mechanic may die. And then you are out of a job my friend.
  3. Walk several steps away from the forklift.
  4. Whistle.
  5. At this point your mechanic will turn around at the top and see you down below, not operating the forklift. Curiosity will slowly manifest itself on the mechanic’s face. Then astonishment. Bewilderment. And finally: fear. This is the Doc-Brown-on-top-of-a-bell-tower-hanging-from-a-cable-in-the-middle-of-a-lightening-storm look. Quickly! Now is your chance. Flip out your camera phone and snap a picture!
  6. The rest is easy. In GIMP I used the Free Select Tool to cut out the mechanic’s face, then pasted it in a new transparent layer above the original Doc Brown image. I used the Rotate Tool to align the neck and touched up the surrounding areas with the brush and clone stamp tool.
  7. (Optional, Recommended) The next day, on lunch break at work, check your peanut butter and jelly sandwich for axel grease before biting into it. Personal experience has led me to believe that mechanics, such as the one featured in the picture, are capable of being extremely vindictive.

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