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The universe is a vast cosmic conspiracy ...

My blog has gone anorexic

Sunday, Jul 31st, 2011

How else could the page body have slimmed down 100 pixels overnight?

Don’t judge. All the cool bloggers are doing it. I also got a new tagline.

The universe is a vast cosmic conspiracy …[1]

Genius, I know.

And I added a Facebook Like Box at the bottom of every page, which is pretty snazzy.

I love looking at the handsome faces of people that liked my site on facebook. They’re all beautiful people with exceptionally good taste. Except for the guy who used to live on my dorm named Josh. He’s just a complete retard.

It’s a humorous facebook profile pic you have there Josh, but …


Never go full retard.

I’ll be doing some more much needed renovations, possibly a full redesign. I’m still considering different tagline ideas, so if you can think of anything clever or witteh, submit it via the contact form… meh who am I kidding? There isn’t anyone actually reading this blog, let alone someone that gives a damn what the design is… But still, it’s fun to pretend!

  1. [1] Changed from “Of course it’s a metaphor you fools …” which I felt was too condescending.

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